Are you working at the Chartered Member level?

At this level you are typically using your professional expertise to deliver medium to long-term value for organisations and the people in them. Your work is likely to be operational in nature, with a strategic overview.

Nature of your work: Your work will require thinking at a strategic level, and have complexity in the thinking and/or delivery of outcomes in the people profession. Delivery will usually be operational, working with a range of stakeholders.

How you use information: You'll synthesise information from a range of sources, critically question it, and evaluate it to make judgements and decisions.

Your influence and impact: You'll work with and influence a range of people professionals and other stakeholders. Your work will create medium to long-term value for a wide range of people.

If this reflects your current role, you’ll also:

  • influence a range of stakeholders, including other people professionals and managers in your organisation or client organisations, though your work will impact a wider audience
  • drive change that focuses on valuing people, ensures fairness in the way people are treated and managed, and improve the collective well-being and success of organisations (and those who work for them)
  • work with integrity, making ethical and evidence-based decisions
  • demonstrate your professionalism through your commitment to CPD and the development of others.

CIPD membership grade: The standards in this level equate to Chartered Membership.

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Who should look at the standards at this level? If the descriptions at this level are a reflection of your role, then you should use these standards.

This may also apply to the following: Student members studying towards Advanced qualifications, or Affiliate members who meet the descriptions above.

Explore the Chartered Member-level standards in depth

The standards inside the Profession Map will help you to:

  • embrace and drive change within organisations
  • use your expertise to increase your sphere of influence
  • support you and the teams you work with to develop professionally
  • prove the value of your work as a people professional.

This document (PDF, 933 KB) is your reference guide to good practice. It contains the full set of standards relevant to each level, and allows you to identify development areas for yourself, teams and others.