Are you working at the Foundation level?

At this level you are typically using your expertise to undertake tasks that deliver immediate and short-term value for your managers, colleagues or customers.

Nature of your work: Your work will usually be tactical, and focused on the day-to-day delivery of tasks, delivering outcomes for the people profession.

How you use information: You’ll be gathering information to use in your work, and using information to understand your work, organisation and the profession.

Your influence and impact: You're likely to be working with immediate colleagues and/or customers, and your work usually creates immediate and short-term value for those people.

If this reflects your current role, you'll also:

  • develop good relationships with others, and behave ethically in your approach to people and work
  • understand evidence-based people practice, and use it in your role
  • act with integrity, raising concerns when you see processes or decisions where people are not being treated fairly
  • encourage others to listen to a wide range of people before making decisions
  • be committed to your own development, and seek out opportunities to learn.

CIPD membership grade: The standards in this level equate to Foundation Membership.

Interested in becoming a Foundation Member? Find out how.

Who should look at the standards at this level? If the descriptions at this level are a reflection of your role, then you should use the standards described.

This may also apply to the following: Student members studying towards Foundation and Intermediate qualifications, or Affiliate members who meet the descriptions above. Those who have responsibility for people management might also be working at this level.

Explore the Foundation standards in depth

The standards inside the Profession Map will help you to:

  • see what’s expected of a great people professional
  • develop your capabilities and be the best practitioner you can be
  • understand all of the opportunities open to you.

This document (PDF, 933 KB) is your reference guide to good practice. It contains the full set of standards relevant to each level, and allows you to identify development areas for yourself, teams and others.