Supporting your transition to the new Profession Map

On this page, we provide guidance on how the new Profession Map impacts CIPD Centres. Check back regularly for webinars and events taking place that will explain new ways of working with CIPD Centres.

We appreciate the time you need to prepare for – and deliver – new qualifications. That's why there'll be a transition phase when we move from the 2013 Profession Map to the new Profession Map – one that specifically accommodates the needs of our Centres. We’ll work with you to ensure you have the resources and support you need to introduce any new qualifications.

During 2019, we’ll be sharing the latest information about the new qualifications on our CIPD Centres Hub. There, you’ll find resources setting out clear learning outcomes, syllabus and guidance on our assessment strategy.

The 2019 resources will help you successfully:

  • transition to the new Profession Map
  • deliver these new qualifications.

We recognise the time and investment needed to create new content, so we’ll also develop content for the new qualifications, as well as tutor resources and workshops.


Approving CIPD Centres

In the UK, we’ve taken the decision not to approve any new CIPD Centres or any existing centres for new qualifications, as we’re conscious that we don’t want investments to be made ahead of potential changes.

Our Centres are important partners, and we’ll consult with you ahead of any changes introduced as a result of the new Profession Map.

The impact of the new Profession Map on qualifications

We are currently developing new CIPD qualifications based on the new Profession Map. But rest assured – present CIPD qualifications (those based on the 2013 Profession Map) will still remain valid and relevant. That’s because, though the new Profession Map will have a different foundation to the 2013 Map, we’ve brought all of the most comprehensive content associated with the 2013 Map forward into the new Profession Map.

We regularly review our professional qualifications to keep them up to date with the latest research and thinking, which is why new CIPD qualifications will be based on the new Profession Map.

As part of the work we’re doing on new qualifications, we’ll be simplifying the qualification structure so that people can see more clearly what achieving each qualification means in relation to CIPD membership.

Learning outcomes and assessment criteria changes

We’ll be using the new Profession Map as a basis for our new learning outcomes, syllabus and assessment criteria, meaning that our learning outcomes and assessment criteria will change to an extent.

We expect the new qualifications and improved routes to membership to widen participation, with the qualifications being focused on providing the right knowledge to develop people professionals.

From November 2018, the new Profession Map will be the international benchmark for excellent people practice. However, the 2013 Profession Map will still remain a robust, relevant and useful point of reference.

Advice to students studying through your centre

For the time being, it’s important to communicate to students that the 2013 Profession Map will remain the foundation of all CIPD qualifications, CPD tools and membership standards.

If a student is currently studying through your centre...
There’s no need for them to worry; everything they’ve learnt is up to date and fit for purpose. They can keep using the 2013 Profession Map as a reference point for their studies, alongside our newly added web resources focusing on emerging areas of interest.

If a student is thinking about studying through your centre...
There’s nothing stopping them. Any CIPD qualification they achieve will both enhance and prove their capabilities as a people professional. The CIPD remains their career partner, committed to supporting them with the resources and information to succeed. The new Profession Map will help develop their understanding in emerging areas as part of their CPD.

If a student already has a CIPD qualification through your centre...
They can rest assured they still hold one of the most respected and valued qualifications in their field. While the new Profession Map will influence the content of our future learning programmes, every existing qualification still carries the CIPD stamp of approval. We’ll be updating this page and communicating forthcoming changes to you in due course; check back regularly for the latest news.

Transition support

If you have any questions relating to CIPD Centres, please email our Qualifications team on