Information pertaining to the CIPD’s Code of Professional Conduct

Will the Code of Professional Conduct change?

The Code sets out the obligations of all members and the CIPD takes concerns regarding alleged breaches of the Code very seriously and will continue to do so.

We review our Code of Conduct regularly to make sure it’s fulfilling its purpose as the people profession and the wider world of work evolves. Any changes are carefully considered, and will be communicated to all members.

We do not foresee any major changes to the obligations set out in the Code in the near future, because we are confident that it is fit for purpose. However, the requirements of the Code of Conduct are well reflected in the knowledge and behaviour standards of the Profession Map.

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The Code of Conduct is an obligation that we expect all CIPD members to uphold, while the Profession Map sets out the defining purpose and values of our profession, together with the knowledge and behaviours required to put those values into practice. 

The Code of Conduct applies to all CIPD members, including Student Members. Anyone can raise a complaint if they feel the Code has been breached; you can find a set of procedures setting out how complaints are dealt with inside the CIPD regulations.

Up to the end of June 2019 the CIPD has received over 466 complaint enquiries. Where a case has been found, the sanctions applied have ranged from advising members on their future conduct to permanent expulsion from the CIPD.