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Can the Profession Map be used as a source for assessing the capability of our HR team?

Yes, the Profession Map standards are an ideal way to assess the capability of your people/HR function. The CIPD has tools to do this including our People Impact Tool and HR Diagnostic Tool and we use a range of approaches such as face-to-face competency assessments and focus groups. There’s also a guide you can download which explains how to use the Map to support team development.

If you'd like to find out more about assessing the capability of your team using the Profession Map, please contact your account manager or email

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The Employer Solutions team would be delighted to come and discuss the Profession Map and the implications for your function/teams. Please contact your account manager or alternatively email

Yes. The Profession Map sets the international benchmark for the people profession. It enables you to take a fresh, critical look at people functions within your organisation, and encourages you to ask the difficult questions:

  • How good are we?
  • Are we doing enough?

Asking these questions helps you discover more robust, precise and insightful ways to assess and build capability across your organisation. The Profession Map helps you deliver a more skilled, fulfilled and motivated workforce by providing a clear framework to support values-based decision-making.

We recognise that the people profession is made up of a whole range of generalists and specialists, all of whom make a valuable contribution to their peers, organisations and the profession as a whole. The Profession Map has been designed to be used effectively by both generalists and specialists. There are core knowledge areas and behaviours that all people professionals should understand and use – and this is what generalists should focus on.

For specialists, in addition to the core there are also nine specialisms which call out the knowledge needed to be an expert in these areas. Generalists can also use these if they want to deepen their expertise in a particular area. You can see the full list of specialisms by visiting the website.

The Profession Map is focused on the individual, but it can provide a view on what good HR capability looks like across an organisation. The Map moves away from there being one answer, or one right way of doing things to guiding good decisions based on context.

There is guidance available on the website for how the Profession Map might be applied to teams and functions. Alternatively, please contact your account manager or email