What is this content and why have you developed it?

You told us that you wanted more content to help you to further your understanding on and apply the Profession Map in your day-to-day roles. We've listened and we've produced this cutting-edge learning content, designed in consultation with thought leaders in the people profession.

This learning content is based on the eight core behaviours in the Profession Map, designed to support and enhance your practice in a changing world of work:

  • Ethical practice
  • Professional courage and influence
  • Valuing people
  • Working inclusively
  • Commercial drive
  • Passion for learning
  • Situational decision-making
  • Insights focused

Each course is divided up into lessons. You can complete the lessons one after the other, all in one go, or you can work through them systematically over a period of time. Each lesson is in a different format:

  • Video content, including thought leaders and case studies
  • Reflective activity
  • Curated content for further exploration
  • Discussion question to guide community interactions
  • What next – targeted actions for each career level.

For information on using the content, how this fits into our The People Profession: now and for the future work and more, explore the FAQs below.

As long as you are a CIPD member and have your CIPD website login details, it's accessible from anywhere, anytime, at peopleprofession.cipd.org/learning

Check you are using the correct details for the CIPD website. If you continue to have problems, please contact our Customer Services team on +44 (0)20 8612 6208.

No. The learning content is available to CIPD Members as part of your membership.

The learning content is available to CIPD members as part of their membership. Learn more about becoming a member.

The learning content within each course is the equivalent to a one-day training course. Each lesson within the course should take 30-45 minutes.

Yes! This is fantastic content that's been developed to support your professional development as a CIPD member. 

You can complete a reflection on your learning using the My CPD Reflections tool on the CIPD Learning Hub.

No. The learning content supports your professional development and the CPD commitment you make as a CIPD member, so there may be specific areas that are more pressing for you at present within your practice.

FAQs on using the communities

As part of each lesson there is a community reflection activity where we encourage you to share your thoughts, reflections and ideas with your fellow learners. We have put together some frequently asked questions on using the communities as part of this learning.

No, but it may enrich your learning experience if you reflect with your peers and fellow people professionals.

At the end of the learning content there are some prescribed reflective questions to get you thinking about the learning and what it means for you in practice, you can contribute to these or share your own thoughts and insights around the relevant behaviour.

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