CIPD qualifications assess a person's knowledge at a given point in time but do not constitute a badge of professionalism. However, as part of the new CIPD qualifications, we’ve simplified the structure so that people can see more clearly what achieving each qualification means in relation to CIPD membership.

CIPD membership is an internationally recognised designation renewed annually and demonstrates your credibility, an ongoing commitment to continuing professional development, and adherence to the CIPD’s Code of Professional Conduct.

Most employers look for more than a qualification when recruiting people professionals; they look for a symbol of professionalism that indicates an individual’s commitment to raising their standards of knowledge, capability and ethical practice.

That mark of professionalism often comes in the form of CIPD membership, which demonstrates to employers that an individual has a certain level of professional knowledge and competence, is committed to their CPD, and complies with the CIPD’s Code of Professional Conduct.

CIPD qualifications are one of the most respected and valued qualifications for people professionals, and demonstrate to employers that an individual has a certain level of professional knowledge.

From 1 June 2021, apprentices will register on the new Associate Diploma in People Management as part of their apprenticeship.

The new qualifications will not affect the outcome of your current studies.

My CPD Map has been replaced by a new self-assessment tool. Login in to the CIPD Learning Hub to start your assessment.