Volunteering through one of our programmes is a great way to develop and demonstrate the core knowledge and behaviour standards set out in the Map and truly live the purpose and values.

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How does volunteering align to the Map?

Our core purpose

Our core purpose is championing better work and working lives. Creating roles, opportunities, organisations and working environments that help get the best out of people, delivering great organisational outcomes, in turn driving our economies, and making good, fair and inclusive work a societal outcome.

Our values

The Profession Map won’t tell you what to do, but it will show you how being principles-led, evidence-based and outcomes-driven leads to better decisions in any situation.

Volunteering goes right to the heart of the three key principles: work matters, people matter, professionalism matters – as a volunteer you make an impact on the people you help, the wider society that they’re connected to, and the reputation and standing of the people profession. That’s not to mention the impact it will have on your own learning and development.

As a people professional, whichever impact level you’re at, you’ll be demonstrating some of the core knowledge and behaviour standards through your volunteering activities.

Core knowledge

Business acumen

Business acumen: focus on ways to benefit individuals and society

People practice

Culture and behaviour: focus on facilitation, consulting, coaching and mentoring

Core behaviours

Passion for learning

Passion for learning: focus on developing your own and others’ knowledge, skills and experience and understanding yourself and your impact on others

Valuing people

Valuing people: focus on supporting others to be their best

Working inclusively

Working inclusively: focus on including others and embracing difference

Commercial drive: focus on supporting and enabling others through change and transition