Research is the starting point and the foundation of all of our work that supports the people profession, now and for the future.

Using the knowledge and insights gathered from our research, we can build a collective vision and understanding of what futures may hold for the profession. This forms the basis for the tools and resources we develop to help people professionals succeed as the world of work evolves and changes.

This page offers you an insight into our current research projects. Find out what we’re working on, our latest thinking and ideas, and discover opportunities to get involved with the projects yourself. Together, we can shape the future of the people profession.

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What will the people profession look like in 2030? At the CIPD's Annual Conference and Exhibition, Mel Green and Rebecca Peters shared the CIPD's latest research on the key trends and drivers of change in the world of work. Watch to better understand the gap between the ‘here and now,’ and the profession’s 2030 ‘vision’, and how that will help support and progress your career.

The people profession is uniquely positioned to shape the future world of work. Professionalism Research Lead at CIPD, Rebecca Peters talks about how collaborative and inclusive research is the starting point of driving change.

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