You told us that you wanted more support to help you apply the Profession Map in your day-to-day roles. We've listened and we've produced this cutting-edge learning content, designed in consultation with thought leaders in the people profession.


These courses explore the eight core behaviours of the Profession Map in detail, bringing each behaviour to life and providing you with the opportunity to start reflecting on where you're at.

Each course incorporates multiple ways of learning including:

  • Individual reflective practice to help you to improve the way you work.
  • Supportive community environment to discuss your learning and experiences, gain insights and confidence, and share knowledge.
  • Targeted actions so that you can apply your learning.

Use this content as part of your self-directed learning journey to support your professional development.

Engage with the content, embed the practice and thrive in changing world of work.

Take the learning you’ve just done and apply it in a practical setting through one of our volunteering programmes.

Find out more about the thinking that underpins this learning, as the CIPD Learning team talk through the guiding principles for its creation.

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On behalf of the CIPD Learning Team, welcome to our online professional development designed to enable you to apply the principles in the new CIPD Profession Map.

As a CIPD member you’ll know that continuing professional development is essential for us to maintain and enhance the knowledge and skills we need to deliver a professional service. In a fast-changing world of work, it's vital that our knowledge and practice stays relevant and up to date.

The CIPD Profession Map sets the international benchmark for the people profession. With that in mind, this course has been designed by the expert learning team at CIPD in partnership with key thought-leaders in the people profession and world of work, for you to explore the Map to make better decisions, act with confidence, perform at your peak, drive change in your organisation and progress in your career.

At the heart of the Profession Map is the fundamental purpose of the people profession ... to champion better work and working lives.

This is about creating roles, opportunities, organisations and working environments that help get the best out of people … delivering great organisational outcomes, in turn driving our economies, and making good, fair and inclusive work a societal outcome.

This purpose is supported by our three key values:

  • Principles-led: Our decisions, actions and behaviours should be led by clear principles and beliefs, particularly in times of significant change. CIPD has defined three key principles as the pathway to good decisions, regardless of the context in which those decisions are being made: those are ... work matters ... people matter ... and professionalism matters.

    This course is designed to develop principle-based thinking that supports your decision making.

  • Evidenced-based: Our professional opinion carries more weight when it's supported by strong evidence from diverse sources. Evidence is about more than hard numbers alone but should combine; behavioural science and academic research, organisational data, stakeholder concerns and practitioner expertise.

    This course is designed to present the latest evidence-base and research on the theme to strengthen your practice.

  • Outcomes-driven: Our work must be driven by understanding the context of the organisation, strategic imperatives and operational delivery, as well as the changing context of work, workforce, and workplace. It must also align to our wider purpose of better work and working lives.

    This course is designed to drive positive outcomes and impact in your practice and context.

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The course also role models CIPD’s learning philosophy, which at its heart recognises the need to empower learners, with excellent, creative learning resources available anytime, anywhere.

To that end, the course has been designed with a range of self-directed learning elements to provide you with an effective and interesting learning journey.

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  • A downloadable interactive .PDF workbook with the course aims and prompts for your reflection and note-taking.
  • A short animation to introduce the theme.
  • Videos insights to explore aspects of the topic.

VOICE - David

  • Workplace scenarios to ground the principles in real-life practice.
  • Insights from thought-leaders to deepen your understanding.
  • Case studies and questions to apply your learning.

VOICE - Michelle

  • Individual reflective questions to consider, which are at the heart of effective continuing professional development.
  • Socialised learning discussions to share and gain thoughts with others.
  • Curated content links to point you to other useful resources.
  • A feedback survey to let us know more about your learning.

You can dip into parts of the course, however, to get the most from the learning we encourage you to complete all the lessons.

At the CIPD we're committed to providing excellent professional development opportunities and resources for you. This is the first iteration of our online learning to enable you to apply the principles in the new CIPD Profession Map, delivered globally via our website.

Your feedback is vital to help us shape the next iteration of CIPD's online learning which we are already planning and investing in.

So, enjoy the learning and most importantly apply it, to bring transformation in your practice and work context.

Looking ahead

This is just the start of an iterative journey to develop learning content that supports you to achieve your aims as a people professional. That’s why it's important that you continue to tell us what you think:

  • Take part in our user experience survey, and

  • Leave your feedback at the end of each course – it's a key part of the improvement process, and you'll receive exclusive bonus content if you do!