So, where are we heading in this lesson?

In this lesson we'll establish how to present a compelling business case, using evidence to demonstrate a return on investment. The ability to do this is central to our demonstration of commercial drive.

We'll consider how responding to an organisational requirement requires a planned, structured approach that demonstrates both the ability to meet the requirement and the value to the organisation.

Using a case study, we explore the importance of fully understanding a need prior to considering how we might meet it and we’ll demonstrate how we might calculate the value of a proposal.

As you work through this lesson keep in mind any experiences you might have of preparing or reviewing a business case. We’ll encourage you to personally reflect on the evidence you have in your current context to demonstrate return on investment and impact.

In the learning community we’ll explore different interpretations for the return on investment and how it may be demonstrated. Add your thoughts to the discussion and gain additional insights from what others have posted.

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