So, where are we heading in this lesson?

We must always remember that working with an organisation is about working with people. The way we partner with others in our organisations and contract effectively with them will play a key part in how we support business outcomes and objectives being met.

We’ll do this by exploring who the customers are for those working in the people profession. We’ll establish the importance of balancing the needs of those who look to people professionals to help them meet the organisational objectives, such as managers, with employees who may have different priorities. We’ll also look at how to identify the needs of different customer groups and build successful relationships with them all, considering areas such as engagement.

Then we’ll ask you to reflect on your own experience by thinking about who your principal customers are and the tensions that may exists between some of your customer groups?

We’ll ask you to get involved in the learning community discussion by adding your reflections on how to effectively assess the needs of your customers and gain their trust and respect? The contributions others make will provide you with additional things to consider and implement.

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