So, where are we heading in this lesson?

It is often said that change is constant in our working environments and organisations. In this final lesson of the Commercial drive course we look at enabling change through our understanding of culture and capability, and how change must maximise benefits and mitigate any associated people risks.

We’ll look at why many change initiatives fail to meet their intended outcomes fully, or sometimes fail completely. We’ll also explore what can make some people resistant to change.

Through a case study we consider the steps we must go through when enabling change to ensure it is carried out professionally and ethically, and how following these steps can maximise the chance of success. We’ll also look at some specific change situations from different areas of people practice including OD, L&D and HR and how they might be approached.

We’ll close this lesson by asking you to reflect on changes that you have been involved in and what made them successful or not. We’ll also ask you to share in the learning community forum your thoughts and tips to managing your response to personal change or in leading a change initiative that impacts others. Please do keep contribute and be part of the conversation.

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