So, where are we heading in this lesson?

This lesson introduces and provides an overview of the seven keys aspects of the theme commercial drive: understanding your organisation; focusing on business outcomes; working with your customers; making the business case; demonstrating commitment; showing resilience; and enabling change.

We'll illustrate each of the seven key aspects using a case study about a people team who are creating a strategy for the coming year and how it relates to the core challenges and opportunities of the business.

To create a foundation for the following lessons in the course, we’ll get you to reflect on what commercial drive currently means to you in your context. We’ll also encourage you to think about how you build the skills for commercial drive and how you demonstrate this in your practice.

We also introduce the reflective community forums for the course which we encourage you to take part in. These discussions provide the collaborative spaces for you to share your thinking and ideas in, which will be valuable for others.

In this lesson’s learning community activity, share the tactics that you use to build skills and knowledge for commercial drive and how you demonstrate that in your practice? Look at the contributions of others, to widen your insights on the theme.

As you move through the course remember to check back on the community learning forums to review additional comments that have been made so you can enhance your expertise and consider adding to the conversation.

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