So, where are we heading in this lesson?

As people professionals we will encounter setbacks, uncertainty and ambiguity throughout our careers. How we manage these situations, respond to and learn from them play a part in how effective we are in our practice.

We’ll consider, with insight from our expert, what resilience means and how we can build behaviours and strategies to enable us to better manage challenging situations or those that don’t go as well as planned.

Using a case study of someone who's struggling with a challenging workload and not enough time to complete the tasks, we’ll look at the practical application of these strategies, and we’ll discuss some scenarios to consider how we might respond to both show personal resilience and support others in doing so.

At the end of this lesson we’ll ask you to reflect on your own strategies for resilience and then to share in the learning community forum any particularly helpful approaches or advice you have for others. Take time to read other comments; they are an excellent source to enhance your thinking and tactics.

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