So, where are we heading in this lesson?

This lesson explores how we can make responsible decisions by considering different ethical perspectives in order to find the best way forward for all stakeholders.

We'll do this through scenarios with accompanying commentary, advice and insight from a leading expert in the people profession. Consider how you would respond in each of the given situations, and where you may have encountered similar situations in your own career. We'll also explore eight philosophical perspectives that can be applied to ethical dilemmas.

We'll get you to reflect on an activity that you are currently involved in, or have previously been involved in, and how ethical perspectives shape decisions and to what extent these meet the expectations of all stakeholders. Remember to make notes in your interactive workbook.

We also encourage you to take part in the community forum which provides the collaborative space to share your thinking and ideas with others. In this lesson we’ll ask you to consider the eight philosophical perspectives and which are best suited to the values of your organisation and to your own professional values, and why that's the case.

Review what others have posted to gain wider understanding on the theme from people professionals working in different contexts. Support the learning community by reading the contributions of others, 'liking' those you find helpful and add your unique reflections to the conversation.

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