So, where are we heading in this lesson?

As people professionals we may be exposed to unethical decision-making, creating an opportunity to coach and influence leaders and others on the implications their behaviours. This lesson looks at how we can best approach this opportunity.

We'll progress through scenarios looking at a variety of different situations people professionals may find themselves managing or influencing. Think about the ones you have encountered yourself or that particularly resonate with you. There are also activities that support you to develop your own thinking on ethical practice and influence which can then be applied in your context.

We'll get you to reflect on the opportunities you currently have, or have had, in your context to coach, influence or encourage others to behave ethically. What empowered you to take these opportunities or made it difficult to have an influence? Remember to make notes in your interactive workbook.

We also encourage you to take part in the community forum which provides the collaborative space to share your thinking and ideas with others. In this lesson we’ll ask you to share your own experience in coaching, influencing or encouraging others to behave ethically.

Review what others have posted to gain wider understanding on the theme from people professionals working in different contexts. Support the learning community by reading the contributions of others, 'liking' those you find helpful and add your unique reflections to the conversation.

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