So, where are we heading for this lesson?

This lesson introduces and provides an overview of the five keys aspects of the theme 'passion for learning': connecting with peers to benchmark; pursuing opportunities to test insight and innovate; enabling your own and others’ continuous professional development; reflecting on experience; and finally seeking to have a deeper understanding of you, and your impact on others.

We'll illustrate each of the five key aspects with scenarios for which our topic expert practitioner will provide insights.

To create a foundation for the following lessons in the course, we’ll get you to reflect on what passion for learning currently means to you in your context. We’ll also encourage you to think about the characteristics or behaviours of people you have worked with who have demonstrated their passion for learning.

As in other lessons, we’ll get you to reflect individually on what your key professional development is right now. Remember that you can make notes in your interactive workbook.

 We also encourage you to take part in the community forums which provide the collaborative spaces for you to share your thinking and ideas valuable for others. The forums also enable you to gain wider understanding on the theme from people professionals working in different contexts.

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