So, where are we heading in this lesson?

This lesson explores how in our roles we may be required to challenge others constructively and confidently and how that may need us to face opposition with courage and professionalism. We'll look at what it means to be assertive, why we should be so, and typical behaviours for demonstrating assertiveness. We also consider how assertiveness differs from being aggressive, and what might cause others to be aggressive or passive in their response to us.

We'll do this through a scenario with accompanying commentary, advice and insight from Perry Timms, a leading expert in the people profession. We'll also be encouraging you to use your workbook to reflect on the lesson and how you can take away the key points to apply in your own practice. Consider too how you would respond in each of the given situations.

We'll also encourage you to reflect in the community and respond to the comments left by others. When you move on to the next lesson please keep checking back to see if anyone has commented on the reflections you have made so you can keep sharing your expertise and experience in the conversation.

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