So, where are we heading in this lesson?

In this lesson we'll be considering how we can communicate complex things clearly and enable our organisations to take them forward. If we're to influence our organisations or present a case in the face of opposition it is essential that we understand how to communicate with impact.

To do this we'll look at all the stages of communication, going beyond how we construct our messages in order to present information and inspire action, and looking too at how they will be received and perceived, and what we can do to influence this.

We'll explore audiences and the different purposes of communication, and we'll present different situations you might experience at work. Perry Timms will provide us with guidance on the kinds of approaches and techniques we might want to use in each case. Throughout the lesson think about how to apply it in your context, and at the end we'll invite you to reflect on your own communication and the ways in which others might perceive your messages. Then we'll ask you to share some reflections with the community and extend your learning through reading the reflections of others.

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