So, where are we heading in this lesson?

Proactively developing relationships with key stakeholders is essential for influence and perhaps also gives us additional confidence in expressing professional courage, and that’s what we’ll be exploring in this lesson.

We'll do this through looking at how you identify who your stakeholders are, so who are the people affected by the work you are doing? Who are the people who have an interest in your work being successful, and who has influence over how successful that work will be? We’ll also consider how you can conduct a stakeholder analysis, what kind of information you'll need to do this, and how you can then use this analysis to be more effective in your practice.

Perry Timms will then be back to talk us through some specific situations requiring stakeholder engagement and how they might be approached. Then, as before, we'll ask you to reflect on your own experience and how you can use the information in this lesson going forward, and we’ll ask you to get involved in the community by sharing some of your reflections and thinking so you can both learn from and support others.

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