So, where are we heading in this lesson?

Professional courage is about more than speaking up and facing opposition to your ideas and expertise. It also means admitting when things haven’t gone well, or you have made mistakes. In this lesson we’ll be exploring how admitting to errors can be role modelling for your whole organisation, and the ways in which it benefits you and your practice as both a learning exercise and in building credibility.

We'll look at how mistakes are almost certainly going to happen during our career, and while it's of course important to try and avoid them, it's just as important how we approach them when they do occur, learn from them and support others in doing so too. Perry will once again be back to provide us with some insight into approaches to specific mistakes that we might be familiar with.

We'll also explore our role in encouraging others to take responsibility for their mistakes and will ask you to reflect on how we can create an environment that fosters this attitude and openness. Please do keep updating your workbook with your reflections as you have them and the actions you'll be taking after this lesson and keep contributing to the community too.

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