What are these sessions?

We’ll be hosting a series of one-hour webcasts with guest speakers to discuss a variety of topics linked to each of the eight core behaviours of the CIPD Profession Map.

Why should I attend?

As a CIPD member, during the sessions you’ll:

  • Gain new insights and thinking from other people professionals
  • Build upon your current skills and knowledge
  • Discuss your own thoughts and ideas with others through the chat function

How do I join?

Next session - Valuing people across your organisation

  • Register through the CIPD Learning Hub
  • Join at 10am BST on Thursday 21 July 2022
  • Guest speakers: Ash Ahmad, Scott Leiper and Matt Mahoney

How can you make people feel valued in organisations no matter what their role is, where they are located and how much time they physically spend together?

Among other things we’ll explore with our guest speakers how remote and hybrid working have created new opportunities and also created different challenges around purpose, inclusion and culture.

Join Ash Ahmad, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Consultant, Scott Leiper, Creator, The Learning Lab & Imaginocity, Matt Mahoney, South of England Hub, Cruse Bereavement Support and Giorgia Gamba Quilliam, Digital Learning Portfolio Manager, CIPD Learning to consider:

  • How do you ensure your people feel valued in a hybrid world?

  • How can you create a sense of purpose in a hybrid workplace to motivate and engage people?

  • How do you nurture inclusion and ensure people are treated fairly in a hybrid workplace?

  • Creating a culture of safety where people can share their thoughts and ideas and will be listened to.

Register now and submit your question, or just ask your question during the session.