So, where are we heading in this lesson?

This lesson will look at how to facilitate connections and joint-working across teams, disciplines and functions. We’ll look at what benefits can be expected from working in a cross disciplinary team including: gathering different perspectives to spur innovation; exposure to the expertise of other disciplines; increased likelihood that old ideas are challenged; and more people involved in decision-making.

We’ll stress the need for breaking down silo working so that cross-disciplinary teams can be really effective. It’s also fundamental to build trust and make this kind of work a priority for which people are held accountable. Communication is also paramount. This doesn’t necessarily mean meetings; it could be through team software (M/S Teams, Slack, etc.) which allows for continuous, day-to-day communication and much more easy tracking of progress and decisions reached.

As in other lessons, we’ll get you to reflect individually on how you share your expertise and support other teams and disciplines. Remember that you can make notes in your interactive workbook.

We also encourage you to take part in the community forums which provide the collaborative spaces for you to share your thinking and ideas valuable for others. The forums also enable you to gain wider understanding on the theme from people professionals working in different contexts.

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