So, where are we heading in this lesson?

This lesson will explore the principle of role modelling and advocating how to include others and embrace difference. We'll explain how inclusiveness covers a wide range of things, from demographics, knowledge, experience, and skills of staff members to their personalities and attitudes.

In addition, we’ll see how, to maximise an organisation’s ability to operate in diverse environments, countries and markets, it’s important to have people who are culturally aware and language proficient as well as coming from different disciplinary backgrounds.

Just as important is for any organisation leaders to role model inclusiveness and embrace difference through awareness, authenticity and accountability.  

As in other lessons, we’ll get you to reflect individually on when you have modelled working inclusively and the impact this had on your work. Remember that you can make notes in your interactive workbook.

We also encourage you to take part in the community forums which provide the collaborative spaces for you to share your thinking and ideas valuable for others. The forums also enable you to gain wider understanding on the theme from people professionals working in different contexts.

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