Why adopt the new Profession Map?

'We really like the Map because it has highlighted new areas of expertise we need to develop to ensure we keep up to date with the external market. ‘Analytics’ and ‘creating value’ are particularly important new capabilities to us at the FCA in order to build our credibility and speak the same language as our business customers.'

'We’ve used the Map to provide clarity and transparency regarding the skills, knowledge and expertise we need in every role across every grade. We’ve done this by aligning teams to their relevant Specialist Knowledge areas, some of which have cross over between teams. This is important to help with career development conversations and explore future moves for the division. It will also help us to build a breadth of skills across the division and to highlight the options available to help our people build matrix careers.'

'Using the Map allows us to build our professional credibility as we are demonstrating to the organisation that we are serious about our professional skills and that we are keeping ourselves up to date by aligning to our professional body’s new and future-focused map.'

William Hague
Transformation and HR Director
Financial Conduct Authority

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It's about impact, not activity

The new Profession Map focuses on the knowledge and behaviours you need to create value and make an impact at work, shifting the focus from generic best practice to values-based decision-making.

It's about keeping you future-fit

The new Profession Map is designed to evolve in line with the shifting landscape of the people profession. The core values and purpose driving the professional standards will be the same, come what may. But as new roles, specialisms, priorities and opportunities emerge, the new Profession Map will adapt to incorporate them.

It embodies the new role of people professionals

The world of work has moved on since we launched the 2013 Profession Map. New specialisms, ways of working and priorities have emerged as roles have diversified - and with them, the role of the people profession has changed forever.

Today, we are creating meaningful value for people, organisations, society and our profession. The new Profession Map has been created to guide you in doing exactly this.

More than that, the new Profession Map introduces changes you want to see. It was developed in collaboration with CIPD members, business leaders, industry experts, learning providers and partner organisations to:

  • work across business contexts – The new Profession Map helps you make sound decisions regardless of context, even when there are no rules or precedents to guide you.

  • show business your true value – The new Profession Map shifts the focus from the activities you carry out to the impact you make and the value you create, making it easier to prove your worth.

  • reflect the full breadth of the people profession – The new Profession Map gives due prominence to L&D and OD&D, both as core and specialist components of the standards.

  • inspire more people to join our profession – We’ve brought the new Profession Map to life with success stories showing the real impact people professionals are having on employees, organisations and wider society.

  • have people at its heart – The new Profession Map features core behaviour areas focusing on ethical practice, inclusive working and valuing people.

  • simplify things – We’ve written the new Profession Map in clear, direct and jargon-free language.

  • be relevant in a globalised world - This is a truly international standard.

It enables you to take a fresh look at teams and organisations

The new Profession Map enables you to take a fresh, critical look at people functions within the organisation, and encourages you to ask the difficult questions:

  • How good are we?
  • Are we doing enough?

Asking these questions helps you discover more robust, precise and insightful ways to assess and build capability in a team or across an organisation. It helps you deliver a more skilled, fulfilled and motivated workforce – one that’s treated fairly, able to work in newly flexible ways, and better rewarded for their efforts. When the people profession is at its best, everyone benefits.

As your career partner, we’re committed to supporting you with the resources and information you need for the teams and organisations you work with to succeed. The new Profession Map will do just this by developing your understanding in emerging areas, and providing a clear framework to support values-based decision-making.

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