Commercial drive is about applying a business and customer-focused approach, and demonstrating the commitment to deliver results that create value for organisations.

As people professionals, we have a responsibility to ensure we focus on the things that create the most value for people and business. This means identifying and delivering on the people issues, opportunities and risks that will have the most impact on the performance and success of organisations.

It also means working in a way which is customer and business-focused, and developing resilience and a sense of responsibility.  Understanding the financial implications of work and proving the business case for proposals – whilst remaining resilient despite challenges, and delivering outcomes with business benefits – enables us to create value within our work. We also play a critical role in enabling people change and transition to maximise benefit and mitigate risk.

This behaviour particularly supports the core knowledge areas of Business acumen and Change.

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Things to start thinking about

Use these prompts to reflect on your understanding of Commercial drive and uncover areas for future professional development.

  1. Where is value created and lost in your organisation, and how can you positively impact it?

  2. What business outcomes or benefits have you delivered in the last 12 months and what evidence do you have of their impact?

  3. To what extent do you understand the current and future needs of customers? (This could be both your internal customers as well as the organisation’s external customers.)

  4. How could you improve the outcomes of people change and transition?

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