As people professionals, we need to adopt a disciplined approach to understanding and diagnosing problems, and then use a range of evidence to develop people insights and solutions.

This behaviour draws on the key steps of evidence-based practice, including:

  • asking questions

  • acquiring evidence

  • critically assessing evidence and then aggregating it to understand the whole issue and its wider implications.

Following these steps enables people professionals to gain insight into the nature and scale of challenges, how best to approach them, and, therefore, how to make more effective decisions overall.

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Things to start thinking about

Use these prompts to reflect on your understanding of being Insights focused and uncover areas for future professional development.

  1. How did you gain a full and holistic understanding of the last issue you dealt with?

  2. How do you avoid following fads and fashions that may not work or may not be relevant to your context?

  3. What types of evidence informs your choices and decisions and how do you use them? In particular, do you use scientific research and organisational data?

  4. When was the last time you critically appraised the quality and relevance of evidence?