Digital working is about understanding the role of technology and the impact it has on people and the people function. It’s knowing the latest technology offerings and understanding how they can improve productivity and help more collaborative work.

For people professionals, digital working is about keeping up to date with emerging digital solutions and using them in a way that enhances efficiency and the employee experience. Digital working covers the role of social media and its influence on the employer brand. A key aspect of our roles is identifying the impact of technology decisions on people.

'With almost three quarters of the world's population communicating via mobile devices, and almost half connected via the internet, it is not surprising that the world in general has been revolutionised by technology in the last 10 years. And so it is in employment and the world of work too. That means that, as HR professionals, we all must learn and adapt to the ways of digital technology. The HR function itself is evolving dramatically to digitally enable the workforce to improve each person’s own performance and create more value to business overall.'

Jonathan Ferrar, Co-founder and CEO, Insight222 Limited

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Things to start thinking about

Use these prompts to reflect on your understanding of Digital working and uncover areas for future professional development.

  1. How could technology be used to further improve people practices in your organisation?

  2. When did you last review the impact of new technologies in your area of the people profession?

  3. What is your approach to social media and how to do you assess its organisational value?

  4. How does the organisation’s digital agenda impact the people strategy?