The greater our impact, the greater our value

The work we do must be driven by understanding of context and outcomes, including both value and risk. Context of the organisation, strategic imperatives, and operational delivery, as well as the changing context of work, workforce, and workplace. And our outcomes should align to our wider purpose of better work and working lives.

Our impact on work:

We improve the collective well-being, success and productivity of organisations, the people within them, and the society to which we all belong.

Our impact on people:

We build inclusive organisations that treat people fairly, respond to diverse voices and develop people for improved personal employability and organisational sustainability, and improve skills in the wider workforce and society.

Our impact on professionalism:

We build the strength, credibility and integrity of the people profession, leading to better decision-making on matters that affect people, work and change.

Our impact as individuals:

The degree of impact you make will vary depending on your career stage, what you’re working on and where you work. The one thing we can all do is to strive towards positive outcomes for people as well as business. That’s not always an easy balance to strike, but the future of the profession is one where we can hold both business outcomes (like profit) and people outcomes (like well-being) in equal balance.

So how did we get here?

The values at the centre of The People Profession: now and for the future (principles-led, evidence-based, outcomes-driven) arose from academic research into the lenses we use to make decisions, while also incorporating feedback from across the profession. Explore the key research underpinning The People Profession: now and for the future by downloading the reports below.