This area is about creating an environment and practices where individuals can be themselves and be supported to work at their best. It’s about knowing and going beyond the basic legislative and compliance requirements to create and implement approaches that ensure individuals flourish, whilst also enabling organisations to fulfil their responsibilities.

Additionally, it’s about understanding and demonstrating the value that diversity and inclusion can bring to all stakeholders across organisations and societies.

Creating a truly inclusive environment requires the integration of inclusion and diversity into polices, processes and the wider organisation system.

Mencap case study: Recruiting from the heart

How a team with boundless dedication managed to transform the way the Royal Mencap Society finds and keeps its people. Read Mencap's story.

'As organisations have increasingly recognised the business benefits – and moral imperative – for diversifying their workforces, we have seen the rise of the D&I professional.'

Yetunde Hofmann, Leadership consultant and CIPD Board member

Things to start thinking about

Use these prompts to reflect on your understanding of Diversity and inclusion and uncover areas for future professional development.

  1. Do employees, customers and the wider public view your organisation as inclusive? What measures do you use to understand this?

  2. What diversity and inclusion practices take place to enable all individuals to thrive?

  3. When did you last undertake an audit to ensure compliance with diversity and inclusion practices?