Employee relations is about creating and maintaining a positive working relationship between an organisation and its people.

An important part of that relationship is the culture, and the extent to which the organisation seeks to be resolution-focused. People professionals have an important role in setting that culture through the development of policies and processes which apply the law in a practical, fair and transparent way. So specialists in this area need a deep understanding of employment / labour law, keeping up-to-date with legislative developments in order to advise the business and line managers to create the best outcome for individuals and the organisation.

When relationships break down, it’s also important for ER specialists to know how to deal with those disputes internally as well as through the legal system when needed, and the different ways in which you can resolve conflict through consultation and negotiation with individuals and representative bodies.

And, increasingly, ER specialists are using employee voice insights from working groups and staff forums to change the way things work, and create a more positive working culture in organisations.

'The success of any business starts and ends with your people. People practitioners bring management practice to managing people especially in professional areas such as employee relations.'

Alan Price, CEO, Bright HR