Learning and development is about creating the culture and environment for individuals and organisations to learn and grow. It’s knowing the current and future capability needs of the organisation, as well as how to create a learning culture that drives engagement in continuous professional development.

Learning design and delivery requires a blend of learning approaches, including face-to-face, digital, social collaborative and coaching, as well as the application of motivational and behavioural science.

How effectively learning is transferred to the learner is key to understanding its impact at an individual and organisation level.

Itsu case study: cutting edge engagement

Thanks to its people-focused approach, itsu’s initiative to support, engage and reward its fish cutters has gone swimmingly. Read Itsu's story.

'The need for strong development programmes – locally and internationally – to support executive development, staff retention and competitive edge has only enhanced the role of L&D teams.'

Yetunde Hofmann, Leadership consultant and CIPD Board member

Things to start thinking about

Use these prompts to reflect on your understanding of Learning and development and uncover areas for future professional development.

  1. How does learning support the achievement of key organisational priorities?

  2. When did you last define learning needs and carry out capability assessments in the organisation?

  3. What blend of learning methods do you use and how do you determine which are appropriate?

  4. How well does your people strategy support a positive learning culture in the organisation?

  5. How do you assess the impact of individual and organisational learning?