Organisation development and design (OD&D) is about taking a systems and behavioural science-based approach to improving an organisation's performance.

OD&D considers both the ‘hard’ elements of an organisation – structures, frameworks, systems, policies and metrics (‘organisation design’) – and the 'soft' elements of an organisation – its culture, capability, values, behaviours, and relationships ('organisation development'). It requires a deep understanding of all these elements as part of a wider integrated ecosystem.

OD&D helps organisations to understand its current state and work towards an imagined or desired future state, identifying issues and opportunities, and effectively supporting and facilitating people, teams and organisations through change.

'In order to operate effectively and provide good work and a good employee/customer experience, organisations need to be consciously and reflectively designed and developed. As the business context becomes more interconnected, more complex and more technology enabled, the skills of organisation design and development are increasingly demanded.'

Dr Naomi Stanford - organisation design practitioner, teacher, and author