This area is about gathering and using data and information to provide insights into people issues and guide decision-making.

It involves understanding research design, framing of questions, and the quantitative and qualitative techniques which help to address organisational issues or challenges.

Analytical consulting enables the exploration of issues and problems in a methodical way, in order to shape solutions. Approaches will involve knowledge of statistical analysis, interpretation and presentation of data in a meaningful way.

This combination of people intelligence, combined with improved decision-making, should maximise our ability as people professionals to make informed and actionable recommendations.

'Data transparency relating to the workforce is critical if data is to be used by line managers in their decision-making [...] Individuals in organisations with strong people analytics cultures also report strong business outcomes. People analytics cultures are also positively related to perceptions of HR strategy, demonstrating their importance in organisations wishing to improve overall outcomes.'

CIPD 'People analytics: driving business performance with people data' (2018: 35)